Postcard-Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – circa 1950

1950 circa-Postcard-Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The next postcard looks to date from the early 1950s, possibly 1953. This view of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier predates the interments of the World War II and Korean War Unknowns in 1958. Note the chain barrier around the Tomb.

The Sentinel is wearing the khaki cotton twill uniform, which when worn with the tie, the tie was tucked into between the second and third buttons.

Independence Day 1919

1919-07-04-Independence Day celebration-01

This program is from the 1919 Independence Day celebration. At the time, most of the Regiment was stationed at Camp Eagle Pass, Texas. The Regiment had been stationed along the US-Mexico border since May 1916, as part of a force to secure the border after the Pancho Villa raids. While serving as a border force, they also trained soldiers headed to Europe during World War I.

Veterans Day 1968

1968-11-11-Veterans Day National Ceremony program-10

Let’s go back to 1968 today. LBJ was the President. The Vietnam War was ongoing. Things were turbulent in the nation. That year Veterans Day was also the 50th anniversary of the end of World War I. Below is the program from the 1968 Veterans Day National Ceremony.

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Program-State Funeral for the Unknown Soldier of World War I

Program-Tomb of the Unknowns-World War 1-Cover

Today’s offering is the program from the State Funeral for the World War I Unknown Soldier, which took place 11 Nov 1921. The Old Guard had not been assigned the mission of guarding the Unknown Soldier yet, but Sentinels from the Old Guard have been keeping vigil over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier since 06 April 1948.

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