CinC Guard – 45 Years

45 Years Ago Today 🏈🏈

On this day in 1973, Company A, 1st Battalion (Reinf), 3d Infantry Regiment made its first public appearance as the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard at the Army-Navy Football Game.

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See photos of the early CinC Guard drilling at Fort McNair:

Kennedy State Funeral – Nov. 25, 1963

Procession for State Funeral for President John F. Kennedy, 25 November 1963.

On this day 55 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared November 25, 1963, a day of mourning. That day the nation mourned as one, as President Kennedy was remembered and honored from the U.S. Capitol Rotunda to Arlington National Cemetery. Members of the Old Guard were at the forefront, rendering final honors to their fallen Commander-in-Chief.

See photos of the State Funeral here:

Football vs. 508th PIR

11-11-Football vs. 508th PIR

On Armistice Day 1945, the Old Guard “Cockades” played the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment “Red Devils” in Frankfurt, Germany, as part of the Seventh Army Football League in post-World War II occupied Germany.

All of the games had been on Saturdays, but this week the game was moved to Sunday, which was Armistice Day. Armistice Day observed the end of the first World War, and in 1954 was changed to Veterans Day. During the pre-game and half-time, members of the home team 508th PIR observed Armistice Day tributes.

The “Cockades” came away with a victory, outscoring the 508th PIR, 20-12. NOLI ME TANGERE!