1941-Deploying to Newfoundland

Co A & Co B barracks-Fort Snelling, MN – mid1930s
Co F, 3rd Infantry inspection-Ft. Snelling, MN – Mid1930s

⭐ 80 Years Ago Today ⭐
On January 13, 1941, members of the 3d Battalion, 3d Infantry Regiment departed Fort Snelling, MN on their way to Newfoundland. These men would be among the first service members to deploy outside of the United States in preparation for World War II.

In September 1940, the US & UK signed the “Destroyers for Bases” agreement. The agreement sold US destroyers to the UK in exchange for leases at various British possessions. The soldiers of The Old Guard were headed to Fort Pepperrell, Newfoundland, Canada via New York City and a US Army Transport Ship. More on that leg of the trip later!

Here are photos of Fort Snelling and some of the barracks where Old Guard soldiers lived, where the Regiment spent the previous 20 years.

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