Activation of 1st Battalion – August 19, 2004


— 15 Years Ago Today —
Activation ceremony for 1st Battalion, 3d Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) on August 19, 2004. The ceremony was a first step in the reorganization of the Regiment based at Fort Myer, VA.

The 1st Battalion had been active since April 1948. As a result of the inactivation of 2d Battalion in 1957, the 1st Battalion and its headquarters were often referred to as the Regiment. This activation ceremony and realignment, in reality, separated 1st Battalion headquarters and staff from the Regimental headquarters and staff, in preparation for the reactivation of the 4th Battalion (December 2008). Photos by Jeremy Kern, Old Guard Public Affairs.

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3d Battalion inactivates – August 15, 1994

— 25 Years Ago Today —
On this day in 1994, the 3d Battalion of the Old Guard inactivated at Fort Snelling, MN. The 3-3 IN was in 1959 at Fort Snelling. The 3-3 IN served as an Army Reserve component under the 103d Infantry Division (1959-63) and the 205th Infantry Brigade. 6th Infantry Division (1963-94). Elements of The Old Guard have been stationed at Fort Snelling four separate times, earning the nickname, “Minnesota’s Own.”

Ten Years on the Web

1979-Leaflet-Old Guard Museum-01

Ten years ago today, the first social media page was created with the purpose of continuing the mission of The Old Guard Museum. The Old Guard Museum had closed the previous year, and this page was a way to keep sharing 225 years of Old Guard History.

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Friday Flashback

1955-09-12-Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

How about a Friday Flashback?
We go back to 1955, at a time when Honor Guard Company was Company A, 1st Battalion, 3d Infantry Regiment.

Original caption:​
Men of the Army’s Third (Old Guard) Regt perform one of the most highly honored military duties in the Armed Forces. Soldiers of the Regt’s “A” Co keep a twenty-four hour vigil at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, the nation’s most famous military memorial, where the body of an unidentified soldier of WWI was reinterred, in 1921.

Sergeant of the Guard, M/Sgt Woodrow W. ​​Mangum, and Corporal of the Guard, Delbert Thomas, check a list of forthcoming wreath laying ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in which members of the Guard will participate. 12 September 1955

Return of Company B – July 18, 2004

B Co return

— 15 Years Ago Today —

On this day in 2004, members of Company B started to return from their deployment to the Horn of Africa. This was the first company-sized deployment of 1st Battalion, 3d Infantry Regiment since World War II. Company B deployed in December 2003 to Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti under Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA).

See more photos of Company B’s return and homecoming:

Throwback PT Shirts Available

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HHC, 1/3 INF

HHC, 2/3 INF

HHC, 4/3 INF

Co. A, 1/3 INF

Co. A, 2/3 INF

Co. A, 4/3 INF

Co. B, 1/3 INF

Co. B, 2/3 INF

Co. C, 1/3 INF

Co. C, 2/3 INF

Co. D, 1/3 INF

Co. D, 2/3 INF

FDC, 1/3 INF

FDC, 4/3 INF

Co. G, 2/3 INF

Co. H, 1/3 INF

Honor Guard Co., 1/3 INF

Honor Guard Co., 4/3 INF

Caisson, 1/3 INF

CCG, 1/3 INF

CCG, 4/3 INF

CINC Guard, 1/3 INF

CINC Guard, 4/3 INF


PSB, 1/3 INF

TUS, 1/3 INF

TUS, 4/3 INF