Spirit of America 1995

1995-Spirit of America program-01

Let’s dip back into the 1990s pool one more time for Spirit of America! After all, 1995 was only 10 years ago, right?

Here we have the 1995 Spirit of America program. At this time the command team was COL Stephen Nash and CSM Jerome Moore.

Check out the Production Staff listing (page 8), you will see Major Joe Buche as the Ceremonial and Floor Director. This was after CPT Buche commanded Honor Guard Company, but years before he returned to command the Regiment from 2007-2009. Today, Joe Buche serves as a TOGA board member.

See the high-quality version by clicking on the embedded photo!

Spirit of America 1992

1992-Spirit of America program-01

We have not touched on the 1990s Spirit of America shows, so let’s fix that with looking at 1992. Operation: Desert Storm/Shield had been the previous year, and the nation was riding on a patriotic high. The Regimental command team was headed by COL Joe Hunt and CSM Jerome Moore at this time.

Click the embedded image to see the entire program.

Spirit of America 1981

1981-Spirit of America program-black cover-01

In picking up from last weekends theme, we kick off three more days of Spirit of America themed posts.

This program is from 1981, when the Regiment was commanded by Colonel Don Phillips. For some reason, two variants of the SOA program were made, one with a black cover and another version with a white cover. The CINC Guard is still pictured here in their original colonial uniform, which was change in 1986.

Organization Day 1944

1944-09-21-The Cockade newsletter-Organization Day-Fort Benning-01

Today is Organization Day for The Old Guard!
The images above are from 1944, when the Regiment was training unit at Fort Benning during World War II. The newsletter has some Org Day details wrong, but they were busy training Soldiers for war, so we will give them a pass.

In 1920, the Regiment selected the anniversary of Monterrey (War with Mexico) to serve as Organization Day to remember the fierce fighting and the men lost during the Monterrey campaign.

On 21 September 1846, the 3d Infantry, 262 men strong, was part of the first wave to attack Monterrey. Enemy artillery was stationed at street intersections, and the narrow streets were bounded on each side with buildings filled with infantry. In penetrating the first line of defense of the walled city, the Regiment found itself drawn into a situation in which the limited space to maneuver made it difficult for American units to support each other.

The Regiment entered the battle with an effective strength of 14 officers, 40 non-commissioned officers, 7 musicians and 201 privates. Losses totaled 52 (20%): 6 Officers KIA or DOW, 1 Officer WIA, 15 NCOs and Privates KIA or DOW, 29 NCOs and Privates WIA, 1 Musician WIA.

Spirit of America 1985

1985-Spirit of America ticket-01

For many years, September in The Old Guard meant Spirit of America. In recent years the shows occurred inconsistently due to resources, but let’s take a look back at some past performances of “SOA” over the next two weekends.

Here is a ticket to the 1985 Spirit of America, held at the Capital Center.

See photos here 1985 SOA set-up and performance:
1985 SOA set up:

1985 SOA performance: