Commanders & Command Sergeant Majors

Regimental Commanders

First American Regiment/Regiment of Infantry/1st Sub-Legion/1st Infantry 1784-1815

1784-1790    Brigadier General Josiah Harmar
[1789-1792, Regiment of Infantry]

1790-1803    Colonel John F. Hamtramck
[1792-1796, Infantry of the 1st Sub-Legion/1796-1815, 1st Infantry]

1803-1808    Colonel Thomas Hunt

1808-1815    Colonel Jacob Kingsbury

3d Regiment 1815-1957

1815-1818    Colonel John Miller

1818-1821    Colonel Joseph Lee Smith

1821-1825    Colonel Ninian Pinkney

1825-1834    Colonel Henry Leavenworth

1834-1840    Colonel James B. Many

1840-1851    Lieutenant Colonel Ethan Allen Hitchcock

1851-1855    Colonel Thomas Staniford

1855-1861    Colonel Benjamin L. E. Bonneville

1861-1862    Colonel Charles F. Smith

1862-1869    Colonel William Hoffman

[March 1869-December 1870, Colonel George Washington Getty transferred from 37th Infantry, never joining the regiment.]

1871-1879    Colonel DeLancey Floyd-Jones

[March-June 1879, Colonel Luther Prentice Bradley was named as commander, but never joined the regiment.]

1879-1888    Colonel John R. Brooke

1888-1895    Colonel Edwin C. Mason

1895-1903    Colonel John Henry Page

[July-September 1903, Colonel Samuel R. Whitall was named as commander, but never joined the regiment.]

1903-1904    Colonel H. L. Haskell

1904-1910    Colonel T. C. Woodbury

1910-1914    Colonel Henry Kirby

1914-1915    Colonel William A. Mann

1915-1917    Colonel Robert L. Hirst

1917-1918    Colonel Frederick R. Day

1918-1919    Colonel Gustave A. Weiser

1919-1921    Colonel Paul Giddings

1921-1923    Colonel Alfred W. Bjornstad

1923-1924    Colonel Elliot Malloy Norton

1924-1925    Colonel William Roderick Sample

1925-1928    Colonel William E. Welsh

1928-1931    Colonel Walter C. Sweeney

1931-1932    Colonel David L. Stone

1932-1934    Colonel Charles J. Nelson

1934-1936    Colonel John Randolph

1936-1937    Colonel Charles F. Thompson

1937-1939    Colonel Martin C. Shallenberger

1939-1940    Colonel Maurice D. Welty

1940-1943    Colonel Paul H. Brown

1943-1944    Colonel Paul N. Starlings

1944-1945    Colonel John S. Moore

1945-1946    Colonel Herbert Vander Heide

1948        Colonel Jesse B. Matlack

1948-1950    Colonel James V. Cole

1950-1952    Colonel William W. Jenna

1952-1954    Colonel Dennis M. Moore

1954-1955    Colonel Robert L. Cook

1955-1956    Colonel Fielder P. Greer

1956-1958    Colonel Mark F. Brennan
[Element in MDW becomes 1st Battle Group, 3rd Infantry in 1957.]