Twilight Tattoo

The annual series of programs known today as “Twilight Tattoo” ran by the name “Torchlight Tattoo” from 1961-1983. The name has changed once, but show locations shifted many times since 1961. In the past, shows have taken place near the Washington Monument, utilizing the Sylvan Theater, the Ellipse, the Jefferson Memorial and at The White House at the request of the President. In recent years, the Fort Myer and Fort McNair portions of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall hosted the Wednesday night summer tradition. In the early Sylvan Theater performances, actual torches were used as lighting during the performances and hence the origin of the name.

This brochure produced for the 1973 Torchlight Tattoo season was part of the ramp-up for 1976 Bicentennial events, as a large increase in visitors were expected to visit the national capital region.

This year the Twilight Tattoo 2017 season kicks off May 3, on Summerall Field on the Fort Myer portion of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall.

High-quality versions can be viewed here: