The 2018 Winter Olympics have officially opened! Back when the Old Guard was stationed at Fort Snelling (1921-41), members of the Regiment trained as cold-weather troops, and that carried over to their recreational activities. Below members of the Old Guard show off their curling prowess. Look for more Winter #Olympics related posts in the coming days!

Black Jack #3 – 1975 birthday card – Mary Lou Retton

Black Jack #3
In 1963, Black Jack captured the nation’s attention during the State Funeral for President John F. Kennedy. He remained a connection to a moment that Americans shared as a nation.

In 1975, the children of Fleming School in Fairmont, WV, sent Black Jack homemade birthday cards to celebrate his 28th birthday. As chance would have it, one of those children would capture the nation’s attention during the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Mary Lou Retton became an icon of her own when she won the gold medal in the Women’s individual all-around competition. She scored perfect 10.0 in the vault and floor routines. She also won 2 silver and 2 bronze medals during that Olympiad.