Throwback PT Shirts Available

The Old Guard PT shirt that was available in the 1990s-2000s is probably the most requested item over the last 15 years. Over time PT shirts changed, and were not unit specific. They are available again! These throwback PT shirts have the guidon on the left front and the unofficial crest on the back with the original wording.

Shirts can ordered in navy blue like the originals, or choose from 26 other colors. Shirts are available with multiple battalion configurations. For example, Company A was formerly in 1st Battalion, but is currently in 4th Battalion. Both versions are available (and a CINC Guard version). Shirts are also available with specialty unit guidons not available on the originals. Specialty unit shirts are available with CINC Guard, FDC, Caisson, CCG, GUNS, PSB, TUS, and USADT guidon designs. Designs with 2d Battalion options are also available. Shirts for 289th MPs, 947th MPs and 529th RSC coming soon!

Please double-check your cart before completing your order, to ensure you have the desired unit/battalion/color. Use the links below to quickly find your company or specialty unit.

Purchases support hosting costs for Old Guard History ( , Flickr Pro, etc.). Thank you for your past support, and thanks in advance to all who order! If there is a version that has been overlooked, send a private message to Old Guard History’s Facebook Page (


HHC, 1/3 INF

HHC, 2/3 INF

HHC, 4/3 INF

Co. A, 1/3 INF

Co. A, 2/3 INF

Co. A, 4/3 INF

Co. B, 1/3 INF

Co. B, 2/3 INF

Co. C, 1/3 INF

Co. C, 2/3 INF

Co. D, 1/3 INF

Co. D, 2/3 INF

FDC, 1/3 INF

FDC, 4/3 INF

Co. G, 2/3 INF

Co. H, 1/3 INF

Honor Guard Co., 1/3 INF

Honor Guard Co., 4/3 INF

Caisson, 1/3 INF

CCG, 1/3 INF

CCG, 4/3 INF

CINC Guard, 1/3 INF

CINC Guard, 4/3 INF


PSB, 1/3 INF

TUS, 1/3 INF

TUS, 4/3 INF



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