Santiago Campaign – July 1, 1898


Bloody Ford, July 1, 1898 by Charles Johnson Post A view of the Battle of San Juan Hill from the bloody ford. The soldiers in the lower half of the painting include the 71st New York Infantry, U.S.V., and the 16th Infantry. The soldiers in the middle and top of the painting were from the 9th, 13th and 24th Infantry. U.S. Army Art Collection.


Field Hospital Back of the Lines, July 1, 1898 by Charles Johnson Post A make-shift First Aid post set up on the slopes of San Juan Hill below the Block House. U.S. Army Art Collection.


The Gatling Guns, July 1 1898 by Charles Johnson Post 2LT John H. Parker’s Gatling Gun Detachment crossing the “Bloody Ford” during the Battle of San Juan Hill. U.S. Army Art Collection

— 120 Years Ago Today —

On July 1, 1898, the Regiment played a significant part in the Santiago Campaign, enduring tropical heat in woolen uniforms while storming a fortified blockhouse at El Caney that controlled a part of the city’s water supply, followed by three days of more or less continuous shelling in trenches before the city until a ceasefire was signed.

These images were painted by Charles Johnson Post, a private who served in the 71st New York Infantry. His paintings are a part of the U.S. Army Art collection that help tell the story of the Spanish-American War.

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