Torchlight Tattoo

Torchlight Tattoo

Tonight will mark the first performance of the 2018 Twilight Tattoo season. Twilight Tattoo traces its origins back to 1961, when it was known as Torchlight Tattoo. The show ran under the name Torchlight Tattoo from 1961-1983. The original name came from the torches used to provide light for the performances.

In the past, shows have taken place near the Washington Monument, utilizing the Sylvan Theater, Ellipse, Jefferson Memorial and the White House, at the request of the President. In recent years, the Fort Myer and Fort McNair portions of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall hosted the Wednesday night summer tradition.


  1. I was with the HMP of the USPP . I use to drive our horse van to Ft. Myer, pick up the Army horses and go to the Jefferson Mem. for the Show then take them back. (in 1965)
    They did an amazing job, I’m 81 now and would love to see that program again 🙂



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