Lundy’s Lane – July 25, 1814

The Battle of Lundy’s Lane, fought July 25, 1814, was one of the mostly deadly battles fought during the War of 1812, and the worst ever on Canadian soil. The battle began around 6 PM and continued on until midnight. Throughout the battle, the two forces gained and lost ground repeatedly, with artillery pieces on both sides changing hands multiple times. At times, soldiers resorted to fighting hand-to-hand with bayonets. By the end of the battle, neither the American nor the British had gained ground, but the American forces had suffered over 34% losses and retreated to reorganize.
The 3rd Infantry Regiment traces its lineage back to the 1st Infantry. In 1815, after the War of 1812, an Army re-organization caused several units (1st, 5th, 17th, 19th & 28th Infantry Regiments) to consolidate and form the new 3rd Infantry.

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